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The Boxes

Story + colors by Cheyenne Smith

Pencils and Ink by Brittany Fetcho


The End

Cheyenne would like to thank her top tier patrons for making this comic possible: Eli Phillips, Maggie & Stu Laningham, Matt & Lauren Galinsky, Lindsey Kite & Conner Wilson, Chris & Reanna Watson, Camille Dollins, Lola Underwood, Casey Bradley, and Anna Hutchinson. And of course, a special thanks to Brittany for being an absolute dream of a collaborator.

Brittany would like to thank JD and Delonge for their evergreen support and the comics of Emily Carroll and Ryan Andrews for their inspiration. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Cheyenne for being so generous with her story and trusting me to draw it.

You can find more of Brittany's work at or on her instagram at @brittanyfearsdraws

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